10 August 2005


At the risk of sounding like Woody Allen in one of his dark comedy, in this post I'm going to discuss my medical condition...

I know I carry traits of anemia (or anaemia). My mother has it, from one of her parents. People with anemia look pale and weak. I certainly don't have a nice tan. They also have low count of red blood cells. I think one of the effect of anemia on me is that I sneeze a lot or have stuffy nose under certain conditions. It usually happens after physical work such as running or carrying heavy objects or lack of rest. I do recall sneezing a lot after running five miles as part of my regular weekend exercise. If I stay up late one night and wake up early the next morning, there's a good chance I'll be sneezing all day, then in the afternoon, start to have a nasty headache. Nothing helps and only a good night's sleep would chase away the condition.

I consulted my doctor and he sent my blood samples to the lab. He said it's not anemia that causes my condition and gave me a sample of the nasal spray Flonase. I was just about to try it but my nose is no longer stuffed so I'll pass it. I don't like to subject my body to medicines unless I absolutely have to.

I normally create new posts late in the evening after my son has gone to bed. When he is up, he either needs me to play with him or joins me at the computer, uninvited, so with him up there's no computer time for me. Yesterday, even though J already slept my condition was so bad I decided to postpone updating the blog until the next day.

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