29 August 2005

Back in NYC

That's it for my vacation to Seattle and Vancouver. The last few days were painful - stuffy nose one day, followed by headache the next, even though I had plenty of sleep. Must be because of all the driving and the irregular meals. To top it off, on the flight back, for some reason I simply could not sleep. It was a late flight, leaving Sea-Tac Airport at 11:10pm local time, 2:10am NYC time. My son had no trouble at all, but for me no position would get me to sleep. In the end, it was after getting home that I was able to put in about four hours of sleep. Back to NYC, to alternate parking regulations, to steamy summer weather, to watching J play with the neighborhood kids, to visits to the public library.

One thing I wished I could have brought along was my new PowerBook laptop. Spotted people here and there with the cool laptop. Nah, too much hassle going through airport security and I probably wouldn't have any chance to use it.

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