18 August 2005

Besta 98 - Best Suited for the Task

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A few weeks ago I lamented the lack of Pinyin input/display in my newly purchased Besta 98 Chinese electronic dictionary. It turned out, fortunately, that I was wrong.

I put the Besta through its pace by using its handwriting recognition feature to look up Chinese characters for the songs from a Sally Yeh compilation CD. I had to increase the recognition delay to 2.0 minutes to allow myself time to write some of the more complicated characters. Whenever it finds the word, it shows the Taiwanese-style alphabet plus Pinyin. Wade-Giles and other codes are shown when the Other button is clicked on. I was able to enter the Chinese characters for eight songs out of sixteen on the first CD in the compilation. Doing so using paper dictionary and such would take me several hours. Well worth the $299 price tag.

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