13 August 2005

Happy Day in Qaptain Qwerty's Qorner

Friday, August 12, 2005

It's a happy day in Qaptain Qwerty's Qorner. First, my photomosaic of soon-to-be ex-colleague Monika was a hit with most people at the office. It did not come about easily but the hard work paid off. It needed lots of photos of people around the office and I took some on Saturday and Monday, but then I earned a work-at-home day for Tuesday, Wednesday was my regularly scheduled work-at-home day, and Thursday is my regularly scheduled day off for working Saturday, so I had to recruit more photographers. Thanks to Doris, Vitaliy, and Cesar, I had a lot more photos, but it still wasn't enough so I had to make copies of the existing photos as well as keep changing the album name in iPhoto 4 and exporting the photo by album names. Several hours and a few bad mosaics later, at 35 tiles x 35 tiles and with 1,400+ non-unique images as source, I got my desired result. I thought of logging the many hours I spent, on my Thursday off, to OT, but it probably wouldn't fly.

FYI, I generated the photomosaic with MacOSaiX version 1.0.1 and printed out the final product with an older version of Luxor Development's Poster Print.

In other good news, my wife found for me, in Manhattan Chinatown's Far Eastern Bookstore, a CD containing the Chinese classical music Dagger Society Suite. I've been looking for the Overture from that Suite, ever since years ago when I saw the movie Once Upon A Time in China II. Some months ago I actually ordered it online from HugoCD.com but then the CD went out of stock and I got my money back to my PayPal account, but no CD. I looked for it a couple of times in a few brick-and-mortar stores, but not knowing enough Chinese the search got me nowhere. Today I got it. I will definitely add the Overture to my iTune Wake Up! playlist. Thanks, honey!

Last, but not least, my PowerBook 15.2" laptop has arrived. As a matter of fact, I'm writing this blog entry with it. Wireless networking is so cool! More later...

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