19 August 2005

Harmony Playground

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Some time ago, I declared to myself that I would take my son to a different playground every week. Of course that never happened, but I tried and so far he's been to Washington Square Park, Battery Park City, Owl's Head Park, West Playground, and more. Today it was Harmony Playground in Prospect Park, at Park Drive South and 11th Street. I don't like J. to spend too much time at home watching TV or eating junk food, so almost every chance I get I take him to the park. The exercise should help him lose some weight. Harmony Playground is different than the typical city park thanks to it unique water area, the sand lot, and a music theme. It's sponsored by the New York Methodist Hospital and is in an affluent neighborhood, so the facility is quite clean. Good thing, too, as shortly after arriving at the park, J. had to make a dump.

Will it matter in the end? All the attention and love a father lavishes on his son, will the kid remember when he grows up? I don't recall my late father ever playing with me, but I still loved him much when I grew up. My third uncle on my mother's side was an alcoholic. Not only he didn't help the family make money, he spent much himself, yet his children, some of them anyway, speak highly of him. For now, it warms my heart when my son tells me he missed me when I came home from work. Now that's something worth looking forward to after a day's work.

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