22 August 2005

Hello Again Seattle

Flew from New York to Seattle yesterday. This is my second visit to Seattle in about fifteen years. Much has changed since then, mostly about myself. The first time, I traveled with my older sister V., this time it's a whole army of fifteen people, mostly on the wife's side. Back in the early '90s, NYC didn't have any kind of recycling regulation and I was excited to see recycling bins on the street and at curbside in Seattle - I still have those photos somewhere. Back then, we traveled around the city by bus and was driven around by one of the distant uncles we had. One evening we didn't know which bus stop to get off and had to borrow a stranger's home phone to call our grandaunt. This time we have two rental minivan filled to the brim, one driven by me, with cell phones on most of the adults. On the first trip, we went to Chinatown once for lunch, went to some museum, some places that resemble the South Street Seaport, some waterfall, and visited V.'s friend at her college dorm. This trip, so far we went to the Seaport-lookalike place, Chinatown for a walking tour, and some Vietnamese strip mall for a Chinese dinner. I doubt we'll have any museum trip or anything educational or historical to gather from this trip. I'm a pessimistic person so it's good not to expect too much only to be disappointed.

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