08 August 2005

J's Birthday Party

Sunday, August 7, 2005

Today we held a birthday party for our son J. The previous four years the party was held at home and ran almost all day with lots of cleanup afterward. This year, it was held in our neighborhood military base's bowling alley, probably for about the same amount of money but with much less work. We got all the lanes for our party, a party room, soda and food, for about two hours. There was even a CD player with speakers in the room, but since I didn't bring any CDs along it was useless. Luckily I did bring my JBL On Tour portable speakers and my trusty iPod so plenty of "Happy Birthday To You" was played. Of course the food is just the standard fast food fare of hot dogs and pizza, so the old folks may not like the food that much, but the kids, and most adults, had fun bowling, playing pool, arcade games, air hockey, etc. There was plenty of room for the little ones to run around, even though they are probably not supposed to, the place was mostly ours so nobody seemed to mind. C's teenage nephews brought their friends along and they bowled a little then went off to play basketball. We even went shopping, tax-free I might add, in the Exchange after the party and the little ones then had fun at the playground. Something for everyone. I even got to take a nap on an empty bench near the playground.

J came home and ripped away all the gift wrappings. At the end, he even said "That's it?". After bath time, he quickly slept for the night. Last night he stayed over at maternal grandma's home and supposedly woke up at 7 a.m. today. Wish he is like that on school days.

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