17 August 2005

Magic Eye

Tuesday, August 16,2005

Remember those 3D posters of the '90s which you are supposed to look at cross-eyed only to see some object floating out of it? Coming on the heels of my success with photomosaic, I figured I'd give stereography a try. It got off to a bumpy start as the "shareware" I came across, 3D Maker by Sandy Knoll Software turned out to be cripple-ware. Not only certain features are crippled, the only stereogram option available produced a final picture that has the word "unregistered" plastered across it. It's bad enough these 3D images are hard to see, having the "unregistered" noticed defeated the whole purpose. At only $5.95, the software is very affordable so I registered it to get rid of the nag. The first image produced with the registered software is pretty decent, admittedly I could only see the 3D shape after printing it out. 3D Maker does a lot more, not just stereograms, such as 3D images that must be viewed with those green/red paper glasses, 3D cubes, etc.

For the photomosaic posters, I was aided greatly by colleagues in taking the many photographs needed. I plan to thank them by making stereograms of their names using their own head shots as "tiles" for the stereograms. Cool bean!

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