02 August 2005

Q of the Day

Ah, the brave new world of blogging! I want to teach the world to sing...

Or at least to share with it my enthusiasm for automating laborious LAN Account Admin tasks, my witty cartoons drawn in the office, origami and other uses of office scrap paper, the joy of Macintosh computing...

Why the Qaptain Qwerty moniker? Alliteration. Unlike the typical computer geek these days, back in the '80s I was taught how to type by my eldest sister, O. I am proud of my ability to type with 10 fingers. QWERTY are the keys above the home keys (ASDF) on the left side of the standard keyboard. Note that I indicate "standard keyboard", as there are other keyboard formats, such as Dvorak. They are out there, just not as widely used as the so-called Qwerty keyboard. To have something to go with Qwerty, I gave myself the title Qaptain, an aberration of Captain. Qaptain Qwerty. Sort of like "She sells seashells on the seashore."

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