11 August 2005

Sandy Hair

Yesterday my son J. went on a school trip to Jones Beach Park. A few days earlier I was told that they would be playing sand and would not be in the water. It makes sense, why would a handful of summer school teachers and some teenage assistants want to lead fifty or so kids into the water at a beach? According to J., his classmate Donny threw sand onto him. J. has a crewcut but the hair retained quite a good amount of sand. Shortly after mentioning that Donny put sand in his hair, J. rested his head on the arm of a sofa and sure enough grains of sand were all over the sofa arm. I washed his hair and lots more sand came flowing with the water into the bathtub drain.

A story my mother told me more than once about my childhood days was the time I put sand in my hair. Of course I have no recollection of it. According to my mother, I was playing in the front yard and simply decided to take a sand bath. Or something like that. I wonder how I got washed that day...

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