09 August 2005

What do you care... Revised

Monday, August 8, 2005.

First person I bumped into in the office building of course was Doris. I apologized to her for doing a lousy job and offered to re-draw it. Re-drew I did, with her posing live, and the result is many times better than before.

On a less exciting note, not too long ago I just logged off the company network, after some marathon troubleshooting some Excel problem. It all started at 6pm, I finally left at 10pm because all the solutions discussed had nothing to do with my group, but then they called me at home and on my cell phone while I was in transit. I logged back in at 11pm and agreed to generate the list of affected users for the two particular network shares that people were having problem with. My department's involvement is so little yet we got pulled into this meeting and that discussion...

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