11 August 2005


One of my favorite comic strip is Zits by Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman. It centers around the life of a teenage boy named Jeremy and his parents. The various stories are about: how kids not look up to their parents; teenage romance; cleaning up after kids; and more. I was a mild teenager compared to Zits' Jeremy, but can identify with some of the issues in the strip. I wonder if my son J. will be like Jeremy some day.

A recent Zit strip was about Jeremy tracking his newly ordered iPod. He followed it online from the time it left the factory in Taiwan or wherever, flown across the world, trucked from one location to another, then finally to his home. In the last strip, his dad asked, "Whatever happened to waiting for days at the mailbox?"

I have been doing something similar. I ordered a PowerBook 15.2" some weeks ago. After a minor issue with the credit card company, it finally shipped on August 9. Last I checked it arrived in Parsippany, New Jersey. I don't know how far that is, but I feel like driving there myself instead of waiting for one more day. Ah, The Waiting, as the late Tom Petty once crooned...

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