25 September 2005

Diarrhea of A Mad Man.

Today is the day before the colonoscopy. My father had colon cancer but it was discovered too late. Ever since his death in 2001, I've promised myself to have a colon exam to take advantage of any early detection. In preparation for the exam, I had to have a light breakfast, a light lunch, and a liquid dinner. Then an hour after dinner, take 1.5 oz of phospho soda to cause diarrhea so as to clean out all the sh!t. The stuff really works! It helps that I didn't have much of a dinner, just a lil' congee (rice porridge). My mother kept saying the solution would be yucky but I mixed it with ginger ale soda and it was rather yummy. The only effect of the preparation, other than the diarrhea, is a nasty headache, brought about by the lack of food. I'll just suffer thru the night and half of tomorrow then I can pig out for the late lunch.

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