21 September 2005

Hit Counters

A few days ago I decided to put a hit counter on this blog. I looked around in the help section and went with Easy-Hit-Counters.com. Sure it was easy to create the code - fill out some form and then you are presented with some code to copy and paste into your blog. It did ask for a username and password. Today, I found out that my hit counter isn't there any more. I probably put it in the wrong place or did not re-publish my site, whatever. Of course I didn't save the code the Easy-Hit-Counters.com gave me. I searched around E-H-C.com but there seems to be no way of logging in to the site to retrieve the code. Oh well, I'll just go with another company.

BraveNet.com seems to be a pretty decent service, given the price - free. I chose the cartoonish BraveNet image. Let's hope my hit counter will survive longer than the first one. Let's hope too that BraveNet.com will remain free.

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