14 October 2005

A Better Way To Advertise

I recently both signed up with AdSense for this blog and started to use GMail, the free email service from Google. With the AdSense program, I got ads placed on my blog and supposedly I'll earn some money out of it, eventually. But I digress. I actually enjoyed the ads briefly and don't hate them. They are tied to the content of the blog and are small enough to be unobtrusive. Just plain text ads, even with matching colors to my blog's environment. No annoying animated GIFs or misleading come-ons about me winning an iPod or whatever the hot item of the day. Similarly, while using GMail I would see a few ads along the message, again related to the message content. I welcome this refreshing change of Internet advertising and hope that other web site follow Google's example. I look forward to a world without pop-ups ads, dancing ads, etc.

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