28 October 2005


A few days ago I finally had all my cartoons updated with descriptions. Up to then, I've been publishing to the web via iPhoto's web export feature. After each export, I would have to tweak the HTML source code to show my FAQ and stick a few lines of text on the main page. The work is tedious and is a factor in making my web site stale. What's more, the navigation keys are not that great, mere ASCII characters to simulate left, right, and up arrows. For this update, I decided to give Galerie a try.

I have read about Galerie in one of the UK Mac magazines I have. It works in conjunction with iPhoto and other photo management apps. It includes loads of features, as I discovered this week.

Just to get the web site up and running under a new, slicker look, I forewent the FAQ and the intro text. However, I have a very neat idea of including them, without having to do any code-tweaking after the fact.

For now, please check out my newly re-designed Qaptain Qwerty's Qorner web site at http://homepage.mac.com/linusly/qq

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