01 October 2005

Run, Qaptain, Run!

Years ago, before I moved into my current home, I used to run 4 or 5 miles every weekend. Back then, Lafayette High School's track & field was open to the public - it probably shouldn't be, but it was simply not locked. I would run 16 or 20 times around the track while on the field H.S. kids practiced football or Mexicans played soccer. Today I happened to work at home and finished early at 4pm. My son was at the park in Chinatown with my wife. I asked my nephew to go biking with me but he was with his friends. For the first time in a while, I have some free time on my hand - no need to entertain my son, no nephew to take out, no office work to worry about. I could have sat down and enjoy a movie on DVD, but it was such a beautiful day and I've been inside all day already, it would be too wasteful to spend more time indoor. Run, Qaptain, Run!

I walked half an hour to the Bay Parkway waterfront. Next, I ran a measly two miles - one mile west then back. The markings on the road were pretty faint, on the way west I missed the "4" markings and only noticed the "3 1/2", "3 1/4" and "3". On the way back, I went past the "4" marking, just to push myself a bit. I covered the two miles in half an hour, pretty much my normal speed of 15 min/mile. I used to run 12 min/mile six years ago, so it's to be expected that I would do worse than that. It's a start, I just have to stick to a schedule and work my way up to 5 miles per run again. OK, at 15 min per mile, it was really a jog.

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