08 November 2005

Bad Citizen

So New York City will have Mike Bloomberg for Mayor for another four years. I cast a vote for him, without doing much research. I vaguely recall reading about Bloomberg being credited for the drop in crime, better control of public school, and revitalization of the economy. But I didn't do any thorough research on the candidates. I just voted because of some literature that came in the mail, maybe a newspaper article somewhere, but not from anything thorough. I feel ashame of my apolitical way of life. Some people I know are fervent about their political party; me, I can only be enthusiastic about Mac computing and the environment. I'm a registered Republican, probably because my eldest registered us that way way back when, but given the Republic Party's take on the environment, I should be with the Democrats. But then there are those other issues such as abortion, capital punishment, gay rights, etc. It gets a lot more complicated. With the platform war, I can tell from experience how painless Mac computing is, even if it means there are certain programs or web sites that wouldn't work with the Mac. End of story. With politics, it's always so complicated. Both sides would try to shoot each other down, once in a while we have some scandals, nobody would talk straight... Nevertheless, I will make a greater effort to be more educated about the candidates to mae a more informed decision. If people in Iraq dodge bullets and bombs to make it to the poll, I can at least be a more educated voter.

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