01 December 2005

Qaptain Qwerty 2006 Qalendar

So it's fun to dig through old documents and photos to find out info about the living and the dead for my family tree project, but I really should be spending more time promoting my cartoons through the Qaptain Qwerty 2006 Qalendars. For the third year in a row, I give away to my office colleagues monthly calendars with my cartoons in them. They get to choose the 12 pictures to appear above the 12 months, but this year I give them the additional choice of a cover picture. That way throughout 2006, 13 of my drawings are always out there to bring greater fame to me. I've gotten a few "orders" completed and my own eldest sister put in a real order of 10 calendars for $100, God bless her (OK, I'm an atheist, but the phrase is very appropriate to use here, especially because my sister is a believer.) Maybe if I get more requests, I will work harder at producing and promoting the calendars.

Available to the first ten requesters, I'll somehow get a calendar to you, just for the asking. Visit http://homepage.mac.com/linusly/calendar/2006 to customize your Qaptain Qwerty 2006 Qalendar. If you provide an email address only, I'll send a PDF version of the calendar and you'll have to do your own printing. If a snail mail address is supplied, I'll send you a paper calendar. Use your office address if you can, just to lessen the chance of any identity theft happening. I prefer snail mail address, because that way I'll be able to re-use some of the paper I have lying around the house. For my colleagues in the office, it's safe to re-use office paper, but for the public Internet at large, I'll be more discrete with the type of scrap paper used. We receive lots of junk faxes - INVEST NOW IN HURRICANE RELATED COMPANIES! FREE CANCUN VACATIONS FOR THE ENTIRE DEPARTMENT - and I save them, they will be perfect for the calendars going to someone outside the firm.

FYI, I print the month pages on a Brother HL-5040 laser printer. To produce the color artworks, I use an HP DeskJet 5550 inkjet printer. I then use the GBC ProClick hole puncher to make holes in the paper and bind the pages together with GBC ProClick spines. Lastly, since I use scrap paper, i.e. paper that has been printed on one side, I staple every two pages together. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I love it.

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