15 December 2005

Will They Strike?

It's about 30 minutes away from midnight, when subway and bus workers supposedly may walk off their jobs. Millions of people will be inconvenienced if the strike happens. The government threatens union leaders and members with heavy fines for the illegal strike. I feel sympathetic to the union. Supposedly some Taylor Law stated that it's illegal for government workers to go on strike. Doesn't that give the government the power to abuse the workers then? The MTA has been such a jerk with their overpay and hidden funds, it would server them right to have a union giving them pain.

I secretly wish there will be a strike so that I can work from home a few days. My company already issued memo telling us to resort to all means to arrive at work, but then they also tell managers to expect lateness. So for us who can work from home, wouldn't it be more beneficial to the company for us to put in a full 8-hour workday from home, or rather have us come in late and leave on time? Why waste hours in traffic? It wouldn't surprise me if the current management disagrees with me...

The last time there was a strike I was just a junior high school. I think I walked to school back then. We lived in the Bronx and my dad worked at some paper factory in Queens. He stayed at an apartment of some co-workers in Elmhurst, Queens. After the strike, we all moved to Queens for him to be closer to his job. Alas, a few months later he was laid off from the job.

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