04 February 2006

California Adventure

I've been back from a trip to sunny Los Angeles to attend a high school friend's wedding. The last time I was in L.A. it was August 1992 or 1993, I cannot recall the year now. It was suffocatingly hot and a cousin of mine drove me around from places to places. I don't recall any of the places other than that we went to the Hearst Castle and boarded Amtrak at the San Bernardino station. This time around I did all the driving and felt the brunt of the brutal L.A. traffic. I took advantage of the HOV lane but sometimes even that is crowded. One drawback with the HOV lane is sometimes you can miss your exit if you fail to notice the sign announcing your exit coming up. On the morning of the wedding day, I almost missed my exit and had to cross the solid line to get out of HOV then traverse four lanes to barely make it to the exit. At least the drivers in L.A. weren't as rude as New Yorkers. I recall being honked or cut off only once the entire week I was there.

The first morning after we arrived, my friend treated us and his family to a fancy brunch at Cima Restaurant inside the Pacific Palms Resort. For $40+ per person the food and service were very good. My son Justin had a milkshake and decided to make a milk moustache out of it. He's such a funny fellow!

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