11 February 2006

Dragon Burn

To expand my exposure level, I regularly contribute to the web newsletter MetroExpress of the local Mac user group MetroMac. For MetroExpress, I usually draw with pencil on paper, then scan the result in and add speech bubbles and such via Photosphop. I have thought of at some point to draw on the whiteboard at work and take care both of my weekly cartoon and MetroExpress. The chance finally came with this cartoon. For an upcoming edition of MetroExpress, I've written a review of the CD burning software Dragon Burn. I didn't mean to criticize anyone in the office and made the title of one of the book while thinking about a Broadway play. However, my colleagues quickly translated that to mean nepotism, which we do have a lot around the office. Fraternizing, sucking up, kissing @ss, lunch club, you name it.

The MetroMac version is an embellishment of the original one. I erased the spoken words via Photoshop's Blur tool, then added them back in Comic Life Deluxe. It's so much nicer to use Comic Life's speech bubble instead of drawing them by hand in Photoshop. Comic Life can do much for the average hobbyist and even more for an aspiring cartoonist like me. I plan to make more usage of Comic Life...

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