21 February 2006

Happy Computing

From foreground to background: My PowerBook Aluminum 15", my elder brother's iBook 12", and my second elder sister PowerBook Titanium 12". Not shown are my ancient PowerBook Wall Street 14" and my first-generation iMac.

Some times ago when my sis needed a laptop to eventually replacement her old Win2K desktop, I convinced her to go the Apple way. She has had very little troubles with it. When she visited my house this past weekend, she brought it along so I could show her how to input Vietnamese and also to fax documents. I setup NeoOffice for her to write Vietnamese with - it's a decent clone of MS Office but it excels Office when it comes to input in other languages. At least that's the way it is with MS Word v. X for the Mac.

When my bro finally decided that he needed a laptop computer, naturally I strongly advised him to get a Mac laptop. He went along and hasn't had to ask me many questions. He had been able to figure out a lot of things himself, even if his computing experience so far has been limited to web-surfing and email. While setting up his iBook to wirelessly access my DSL router, I became hook on wireless web-surfing. Shortly later, I got myself the PowerBook Aluminum 15". Ah, the freedom of wireless networking!

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