12 February 2006

Igloo 2006

It is a snowy weekend in the Northeast. New York City got something like twelve inches of snow. Here in Brooklyn, I don't know what the measurement is but it sure is a lot. I started shoveling the sidewalk around 1pm, while my son played in the front yard. Around 2, we came inside to have a cup of hot cocoa - we actually shared one bag because Justin needed to cut down on his sugar intake. We came out again around 4pm, in the backyard, just to play. I built Justin a house by carving a cave from a big pile of snow but then dug too deep and made a hole in the house. It took more shoveling to patch the hole and when it was time to go inside, Justin insisted on breaking down the house. All the sweat and effort I put into it. To have my car ready in case of emergency, I unearthed it - really just the left wheels. Maybe it was because of the 4-wheel drive, or maybe because it was my dilligent shoveling of the snow until the tar of the road was seen, I was able to move it out easily. No pain, no gain. Speaking of pain, my arms are now aching from all that shoveling. I guess it's too much work compared to mousing on the computer. I need to exercise more...

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