14 February 2006

It Is Only Love, Can You Handle It?

For those who care, Happy Valentine's Day! I am more inclined to the not-care camp. It's just a day for the florists to rip us guys off. And for us married guys, it makes little difference what happened today.

Atop the earlier cartoon Burn Dragon Burn, this design is made up of 29 Love Links origami heart design by Francis Ow. I've been doing lots of origami heart but this one was particularly difficult, partly because the instruction on Mr. Ow's web site was rather sparse. I managed to figure it out in the end. My colleague Susan had been picking up various colorful flyers from some public area at New York University. We were supposed to make the entire English alphabet by joining origami cubes but that project was never finished. I put them to good use for this "cartoon".

From top to bottom and going left to right, the origami hearts form lowercase i, the plus symbol, lowercase a, and lowercase m - I&AM is our current group name. Some months down the road, they probably change it to something else.

Always the punster, I included the sentence, "It's Only Love, Can You Handle It?", with Love and Handle strategically placed and highlighted.

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