06 March 2006

Bookworm Deluxe for Mac 1.0.0

I first played the online version of Bookworm and was easily hooked on it. I tried the Windows offline version but it was under Virtual PC Windows emulation so it was horrible. Not having any decent Windows machines at home (and not ever wanting one), I patiently waited for the Mac version to become available. During the wait, I played the PDA version on my black & white Visor Deluxe. The tiles don't look good at all and it's sometimes hard to see the burning tiles, so gameplay wasn't quite what it should be.

As soon as I knew about the Mac version of Bookworm Deluxe being released, I jumped at the demo. I would register soon anyway but it helped that the demo was only good for an hour. I've wasted so many hours with it since I first played a few days ago. Supposedly there's a way to upload one's high score to the web, but it appears there's no way to do that with the Mac version. Probably a Windows-only feature. So here's my high score so far. Maybe version 2 or later of the Mac version will include the feature...

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