26 March 2006

Moving Into The Danger Zone

We are in for another move. Many people will be affected. A move is usually known as a restack, but for this particular move it's more like a swirl, because the moves involve people going to new desks on the same floor.

One rumor that's floating about is that the people who will be fired shortly will be re-located to a particular quadrant of the floor. One of these people is a neighbor of mine - this cartoon is for her. She thinks her time will come any time soon. A few days after the cartoon was drawn, she attended the meeting about the move and it turned out she didn't have to move to the danger zone, so the 'toon is kinda lost its target, but there are other people moving there so all is not lost.

Every now and then I play international chess in the office and have wanted to draw something chess-related. Now the chance has finally arrived. I wanted to show the King or Queen say to the poor Pawn, "It is never up to you" but there is no room for it.

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