21 March 2006

Qaptain Qwerty on Flickr

I've been maintaining my "gallery" of cartoons via iPhoto and Galerie. I am not happy with iPhoto's default template and want to add a little note but it has become such a pain to add those notes. Next I switched to Galerie but it too involves a painful process of uploading all the photos in one shot. I probably need to sit down and learn more about Galerie - there must be a way to upload only new photos. Until that time comes, for now I'll switch to Flickr - just only because it seems to be a decent place to share "photos". Places like KodakGallery, ShutterFly, or SnapFish appear too eager to offer their printing service. I'm not exactly thrilled with Flickr's default setting of one long column, but it's the best there is right now. I already keep all my photos in iPhoto, so Flickr's various iPhoto plug-in options are great convenience.

I don't have all the cartoons coupled with remarks but I uploaded them anyway. As I add remarks I'll just copy-and-paste them remarks into Flickr.

Because of upload quota, I think I may have spent all my quota this month. April isn't that far away, I'll upload some more when the new month roll into town.

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