10 March 2006

Scrabble Squabble

"The oe blows the ai into the qat." What the heck is that? An oe is supposedly some kind of whirlwind the Faeroe Islands, wherever those islands are. An ai is a three-toe sloth - sure, you must have seen them on that Animals Planet feature last week. Lastly, a qat (a variation of kat) is an evergreen shrub. Say what? Yup, those are acceptable words in a given Scrabble game. Useful if you want to win points on the Scrabble board, but outside of it there is no value to these "Scrabble" words. Originally I thought since I love words I can learn some more useful ones by playing Scrabble. What a disappointment. The game involves only numbing memorization of words that are useless everywhere else except in the game. I've checked many dictionaries and I still don't see how the word "qua" comes into use. All I think of "qua" is when the teachers or adults in Peanuts cartoons talk. "Qua qua, qua qua", said the teacher. "Yes, m'am, I will tell her not to call me 'sir' anymore", said Peppermint Patty.

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