14 April 2006

DirecTV Sucks!

I HATE DirecTV! I used to have cable TV and because of one thing or another, I switched to DirecTV. Sure it was better that with DirecTV we could watch TV in four different rooms, for about the same price as cable TV, but all kinds of problems have been cropping up. Every now and then the received would reboot itself at the mere act of switching channel. I don't watch TV that much, but I would hate to watch a cliffhanging scene then all of a sudden, REBOOT! Gee, sorta like using Microsoft Windows on a computer. Then if the weather changes a bit we would get no signal or other problems. The latest insult is that one of the four cables running from the roof is loose or whatever such that the receiver cannot find the signal. I swapped the receiver with that in another room and the supposedly bad receiver worked fine in the other room. After a long wait for tech support, I was told that the warranty on these devices expired. For a service visit, I would have to dole out $70, but if I sign up for their monthly support program, at $6 a month, the visit would cost only $30. Dang! I don't recall paying for any service calls all those years I was with cable. I don't think there's much to do about these monopolies, other than stop watching TV altogether, but I'll check around the web. There must be something for an angry DirecTV like me to do about the situation...


  1. I realize that this is a really old post but I do apologize for the experience you had with DirecTV. And it's no wonder. DirecTV's DVR has been criticized for "operational bugs" and its receiver has been called "a headache" by tech review and news site CNET. Now, the company I am with and work for (DISH Network) has constantly received high ratings and Editor's Choice awards for it's ViP 722 series of receiver. If you haven't already I would suggest checking it out - the value proposition can't be beat. DISH ranks #1 on the American Customer Satisfaction Index out of all cable and satellite providers for the world class customer service. I love it, and I think you would too.

  2. Sounds like a very frustrating ordeal! Sorry you had to go through that! I agree with mike_dish, I've heard about all that and as a previous DirecTV subscriber myself; it doesn't really surprise me at all that it's true. I got fed up with them and decided to cancel, so with that in mind, I hit the internet and starting looking for other providers out there who could offer me what I want for less. I found www.BestTVForMe.com and read through it making it clear that DISH Network was the TV provider for me. So long story short I said goodbye to DirecTV and now working/subscribing with DISH for a while now definitely see that they are the perfect match for me! :)