09 April 2006

Electronics Recycling Etc.

For those of you who live in New York City, if you have old computer equipments laying around the house and need to get rid of them without guilt, check your paper mail for a flyer from the Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse, and Recycling. Alternatively, check out the link under the title of this blog entry. It will take you to the Calendar page of the web site for Astoria Residents Reclaiming Our World, from which you can get the dates and locations for the three Electronics Recycling events in April and May 2006. I am the webmaster for ARROW's web site. Well, sort of - I only update the web site regularly and haven't made any dramatic changes to the web site's layout. More like a janitor, not an architect. Is WEBNITOR a word?

You should know that simply dumping old CRT monitors and such along with your garbage will add more toxic to the waste stream. By bringing those old PCs, printers, and monitors to these Electronics Recycling events, you help prevent the bad stuff from getting into our environments. Of coruse, you can also use the event as excuses to get rid of the old PCs to make room for the MacBook Pro, which can now boot up with Windows XP or Mac OS X, but I digress...

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