04 April 2006

Have Scripts, Will Travel

Not too long ago, my LAN Account Admin group in the northeast got more connected to other LAA groups in other parts of the country. One time some team leads/managers came up to visit us and were told about all the useful scripts I have in place to make our life easier. I gave them a demo and jokingly mentioned that they should fly me down to their respective offices to conduct a better demo. I view the trips as rewards to me for all the OT hours I save the company.

A month or two ago I conducted a demo of my tools over a SameTime meeting connection. Fortunately, a few people felt that while the demo was good, it would be even better if I could come down in person. After much delay, my "lecture circuit" may finally get off the ground. In the immediate future, I may make a trip or two to Houston and Tampa to show off my scripts and tools. After coming back from the trips, I'll definitely make a donation to KiXtart's cause - after all, it's KiX that allows me to wrap codes around DOS utilities such as UImport, Usr2Grp, CUsrMgr, etc. to make the archaic tools much more user-friendly. I've put the URL for the KiXtart homepage, http://www.kixtart.org/ , under the title of this blog entry. Check KiX out!

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