26 April 2006


My Roll Call cartoon was very well received at the office. To quote my colleague Gassed, there were already a few "board meetings" about it, i.e. people stopped in front of the white board where the cartoon was made to discuss it. Taking advantage of the momentum, I've setup an online shop selling, for now, T-shirts and other kinds of shirts. The shirts prominently feature a re-drawn and edited version of the Roll Call cartoon. Check out my shop at http://www.cafepress.com/qaptainqwerty

Just as a quick test, I re-drew on an 8.5"x11" whiteboard and capture it with a digital camera. Post-production works include a little cropping and brightness adjustment in Photoshop. I added the speech balloons and other texts in Comic Life. In the future, I may draw on paper with pencil and ink then scan the final product in, or I may even finally master my Wacom 4x6 tablet.

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