13 April 2006

Room To Read

I'm back from my very short business trip to Houston, TX. I got to stay at a 4-star hotel and was wined and dined by my colleagues there. In return, I shared with them all the tools and scripts I use or have written over the years. All the scripts rely on DOS utilities, such as UImport and Usr2Grp, to do the actual work. In most cases I wrap a KiXtart script around the unfriendly DOS-based commands to make the scripts much more user-friendly. As promised, I've donated money, $50 to be exact, to a preferred charitable organization as indicated on the KiXtart home page. Room To Read, http://www.roomtoread.org/, works worldwide to provide literacy to children living in rural areas. It is somewhat in the same area like Everybody Wins! Power Lunch, whereby office workers match up with school children at nearby schools in a reading program. I am already participating in Power Lunch, so donating to Room To Read goes in the same direction. Cheers, KiXtart!

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