04 May 2006

New Design Uploaded To CafePress

I've just uploaded a new design to my store at CafePress. Roll Call is all fine and good as my colleagues are concerned, but in order to reach a wider audience I have to use designs that appeal to more than just the people in my office.

This cartoon is a redraw of Qaptain Qwerty cartoon #4. To be exact, it's frame #1 of cartoon #4. To see cartoon #4, and other cartoons, visit homepage.mac.com/linusly/qwerty .

We all hate spams in our email inbox, what possible good is there for spam's existence? Here I am trying to find some humor in spam. I am a history buff and did some homework in preparing this piece.

Legend has it that in 490 B.C., the Greek army defeated the Persian army at the Battle of Marathon. It was supposedly a major battle. Some chap ran all the way from Marathon, all 26 miles or so, to Athens to announce the good news. He then collapsed and died. Imagine how ridiculous it sounds if the important message he delivered had some Viagra ad riding on it.

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