01 May 2006

Qwerty Merchandise Ordered

I've placed order for a few items from my own store at CafePress.com. It's a necessary first step. A few people in the office are interested in buying and it helps if they can get their hands on the merchandise. I may give out a few things just to get things started, but if anyone insists on paying, I won't refuse the money either. I need all the help to get things started. Let's see how far this thing will go. Who knows, maybe my firm will crack down on it - I'm sure there's a regulation somewhere that prohibits employees from making money off of their job, other than their salaries, there is. With our future so bleak, maybe it doesn't matter. I keep mentioning Tampa and Columbus as cities where jobs are being diverted to, but in reality the list also includes Phoeniz (Arizona), Dallas (Texas), and some place in Delaware.

In other less depressing news, my DirecTV saga has finally come to an acceptable conclusion. On Saturday, they sent yet another technician to fix the problem of one of the receiver not getting any signals. This guy came prepared with a ladder to get to my roof, without bothering my neighbor, and adeptly got to the dish and tightened the loose cable. All in all, it took all but fifteen minutes. Now, why couldn't they do that in the first place? I am still angry at the whole fiasco and will try asking for some kind of credits for all the troubles I experienced.

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