04 June 2006

160 - Phishing

Phishing - the practice of sending misleading email to try to get the recipient divulge personal information such as credit card number, date of birth, or even password to online bank account. It's amazing how these people get away with the crime. These scumbags can easily wipe out someone's life saving. They cast a wide net by sending the same bogus message to millions of email addresses. I've been receiving many such message at my recycling group's email address. My green group doesn't have a bank account with Bank XYZ but that's the nature of the crime. Out of the millions, someone will happen to have an account with the financial institution in question AND naive enough to fall for the trick.

With Father's Day a few weeks away, I thought I would capitalize on the occasion. This also goes nicely with my line of T-shirts, The Down Side Of Computing.

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