30 June 2006

Follow The Sun 2

A better 3D origami of a ring. Coincidentally, the reflection from the digital camera's flash gives the impression of a sun glare, perfect for the Follow The Sun idea.

According to the 3D origami, one would use a craft stick, like those used for popsicles, to add glue to the inside of the units to hold them together. I've made my fourth ring by now and for me it's easier just to squeeze the glue right onto the middle of the fork prior to inserting it into the double pocket. Fork? Double-pocket? I may have to do a series of snapshot to show you how the basic triangle is made. You can always look up the 3D origami book, too. My ex-colleague Gassed wanted to know how to make it but she was so busy during her last few weeks and never had the time to learn it. I may even do a video tutorial - it's time to put my video camera to better use.

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