17 June 2006

Zheng Photomosaic Poster

A few days ago, I gave my wife a sample of the photomosaic that I was composing for her music group. The real file itself is over 20 MB, too big for any mailboxes, so I provided her just a screenshot of the real thing. You can zoom in to see that the image is made up of other tiny images, but the details are not there to see who's who. The response was quite good. A few people want to get a printed poster while others were quicker in sending more photos to be included. I was able to produce only one poster, a draft version, too, since not enough photos were submitted in time. It takes a long time for the computer to pick and choose, reproduce and crop the photos, to come up with the final mosaic. Then it takes another long period of time for my inkjet printer to spit out the 15 pages that make up the mosaic. All that printing easily consumed one ink cartridge or two, so the cost of just printing it is $25 - $50. No way I'll provide the poster. At most I'll give anyone interested a copy of the 20+ MB file on a CD and let them do their own printing.

The mosaic at left was posted on the wall at the zheng party tonight. Many people liked it and pored over it looking for familiar faces. Ms. Wang's face didn't come out that well, but it's impossible to achieve that level of detail. The hand movements and even the hair was captured very well though. I was hoping Ms. Wang would leave it up for other students to see, but she shares the studio with another music group and thought those other people probably just rip the poster off the wall, so she took it home.

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