29 July 2006

166 - Kudos

Let us take a break from oppressive Communist economy and re-visit our American entrepreneurship, or at least an attempt at it...

Somewhere up the chain of command we have a manager who likes to give out kudos or words of couragement. When some client profusely thank one of us for a job well done, the whole group gets to know who's been up to some good. Some people get kudos proportionally more than others. I am all for recognizing good work, but sometimes the outpouring of emotion for the so-called good work is more than it deserves. I don't get much thanks for my work, but one time some guy wrote to a few managers up the ladder of my group for some simple account creation I did for him. It all depends on who you deal with. If you work on a queue that is so long, then some chum whose ticket is taken care of after a long wait will no doubt appreciate the work more. In my role in supporting several projects, the people on the project just take things for granted because I usually carry out the work with too much ease. To be fair, for one task the project manager took us out for drinks and appetizers.

To get the gist of the cartoon, it helps if you know all the monetary symbols - English pound (or livre in French), Japanese yen, European Union euros.

I drew the cartoon one Saturday and the next day saw, for the first time, Kudos the snack bar. Next day in the office, I had to run out to fetch a box and add one bar to the board for better effect. I handed out the rest of the bars and my colleagues gladly gobbled them down.

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