08 July 2006

Home Sweet Home, Cho Lon

I've been doing some double-checking of my facts and figures about my childhood at Block D of Nguyen Van Thoai Apartment Complex. There are some corrections to note before we continue with the story.

Earlier I outlined a bunch of buildings and refer to the cluster as Nguyen Van Thoai Apartment Complex. My elder brother T. rightly pointed out to me that not all the buildings were part of NVT Apartment Complex. He didn't know about the other buildings, but he was sure of the group southeast of us, as encircled in orange, was the Nguyen Kim Apartment Complex. There, now the folks living there won't feel like they were annexed by the people over at NVT.

Technically, my beloved D Block and surrounding area were part of Cho Lon, not Saigon itself. Cho Lon was like a humongous Chinatown within Saigon, in which everywhere you turn you would encounter Chinese-speaking people. Of course, Saigon is better known than Cho Lon, so "Home Sweet Home, Cho Lon" simply doesn't have a nice ring like "Home Sweet Home, Saigon".

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