25 August 2006

The Not So Mobile Laptop

With much consideration, I'll be going on vacation without my PowerBook laptop. Sure it'll be nice to surf wirelessly in the hotel, for free, but the cons outweighs the pros. Where will the laptop stay when we go sightseeing? Is it safe to leave it in the hotel? My wife said one of the hotels that we will stay at have a safe large enough for a laptop, but what will we do at the other two hotels? In the large group that I'll travel with, there are five kids with age ranging from six (my own beloved "Jason") to nine. The computer and I are like magnets to them. At home, I only work on the computer when my son is either sleeping or on another floor of the house. Add those other kids, I doubt I'll have much unpestered computer time. To top it off, my PowerBook G4's battery is among those to be recalled by Apple Computer. I'm using the machine via AC power, sans battery. The exchange program is really easy, as long as the Apple web site didn't mistakenly identify my battery as not qualified. I kept trying over and over and at last it was accepted. One day during my vacation, the new battery should arrive. When I get back, I'll pop in the new battery and send the bad, fire-prone one back in the same pre-paid envelope.

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  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    So much for the "great" MAC and its batteries :-)