24 August 2006

O Canada!

In a few days, I'll go on a four-city tour of Canada - Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa, and Toronto. Much driving, so I don't much look forward to it. I read in a survey that some LAN admins actually put down "re-wiring network closet" as one of the things they would like to do on vacation. I am not that extreme, but I sure can use a vacation whereby I just do nothing. No worry about car rental, getting lost in a new city, currency exchange, or the obligatory shopping spree. Only after getting married that I learn that every vacation should include a day of shopping. Sheesh. To me when you go on vacation, you should visit some historic places, natural wonders, or seeing relatives.

I visited Montreal or Quebec years ago to attend a wedding for a friend in the Vietnamese American group. It wasn't much of a vacation. Rushed up there, slept in a packed hotel room because the group wanted to cheat the hotel, then a long wait for the banquet dinner the next day. I think it was just a weekend trip - left NYC Saturday morning and back by Monday morning or something like that. I just visited Toronto a few years ago, not the first time, mind you, but the rules regarding those #@$!* streetcar didn't sink into me. I once ran past the open doors of one of those dang thing. The streetcar had its own street-level track but when it stops, there's no visual signal to know that it's discharging passengers or taking on new ones. If they really don't want cars to run over their passengers, they should swing out a boom or a gate so that us tourists know when not to pass them. My cousin in Toronto, Tho+, told me that it was equivalent to running a red light. I was lucky to get away, but I am afraid my luck may run out on this trip. Perhaps writing about it will reinforce the rule in my head.

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