17 September 2006

Apocalypse Now!

I didn't need to do my 2K early in the morning today, both because I stayed up late yesterday and because I knew I would most likely spend the morning at the park with my son and his cousins etc. I devised a game in which I would do some running and get them involved. I had them in a relay race, but the 4 kids against me. I would run from kid to kid, pretending to be after the boxed drink used as the relay stick, and the kid would run to the next kid. They liked it and weren't too tired, as they only ran short distance. I ran for about 15 minutes like that and was all sweaty at the end, so it probably made up for the 2K.

I spent maybe an hour at home to finish watching Apocalypse Now! on video tape. I knew about Wagner's Ride of the Valkyrie being called Helicopter Music because of Apocalypse Now! but I thought it was like a theme song for the movie. Now I know that the music was actually played in the movie, as part of Kilroy's psychological warfare against the Vietnamese Communist. The scene where Captain Willard emerged from the water with his face covered in mud, I saw a clip of it back when I first got my first personal computer, the Amiga 1000. There was a demo disk for a painting program called Digi-Paint and to show off the Amiga's multitasking capability along with Digi-Paint's animation power, the demo showed little clips of movies, all happening together on the same screen. In the actual movie, the scene seemed to come with little fanfare. No dramatic music, nothing. I probably missed some philosophical angles in the movie, but the ending seemed a bit strange. So this Kurtz guy knew Willard came to kill him, locked him up, then freed him, then somehow told Willard that he wanted to die, and Willard didn't have too much troubles doing that. Then Kurtz's followers seemed to just drop their weapons and let a blood-covered Willard pass through them, taking Lance back with him. It's a rather strange movie. I'm sure if I read about it on IMDB.com or elsewhere it would make more sense, but this is just my first reaction.

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