11 September 2006

Battle of the Bulge

Autumn weather is mostly here, summer seems to be gone, too short. When the New Year rolled around in January I didn't make any resolutions, but I just made one yesterday. While my son played with his cousins, I ran around the park a few laps. Two small laps within the playground area, one inside the park on the paved path, and once on the sidewalk. It couldn't total more than half-a-mile, yet my leg muscles ached for the rest of the day. And to think back in 1997 I used to run 4 or 5 miles every Saturday. Before that, I even ran two New York City marathons - mind you, I was at the bottom 100s but it was still quite a feat, 26.5-mile long for that matter. Of course every year my waistline keeps expanding and most recently I was quite upset that my wedding band took a long time to come off. Maybe because I just had a long day driving on Canadian roads, but at the time I thought I got fat to the point my fingers grew too big for the band.

So here's an ambitious plan I'll embark upon. I'll try to sleep at 11pm and wake up at 6am to go jogging. Maybe just half-a-mile in the beginning, but slowly work it up. The weather is nice, I no longer have problems with my extra-arched left foot, all I need is a pair of sneakers, what is there to lose, except a few pounds? I already missed my 11pm deadline tonight, but hopefully it'll work better tomorrow night. If I managed to pull it off tomorrow, you'll be sure to hear it at, say 7:30am...

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