18 September 2006

Blogger Tip #3

As I keep up with my new jogging schedule, I also better maintain this blog. It helps to have an ongoing topic to discuss, but I'll be sure to change the subject every now and then. I already did that, really. While I do mention at the start my latest run, the bigger topic has more words devoted to it.

I again did my 2K this morning. I didn't expect the new exercise regiment to be so effective so soon, but I am happy to report that I had no muscle ache in the legs yesterday, even though I ran a round a bit in the morning. Compared to the previous Sunday, it was a big difference. I believe the ache lasted into Monday morning. Two kilometers a day sure does wonder.

Let's get back to my broken series on Blogger tip. Although a blog is supposed to be a free-flow train of thought thing, you should take advantage of Blogger's spell checker. The typical web site may ooze with misspelling but don't be a typical web site. Misspelled words sometimes change the flow of the discussion. The reader would be puzzled over the meaning of the sentence and if he cannot see the misspelling he may miss the issue altogether. To use the spell checker, click on the ABC icon that has a check mark under it. If there are certain slang words or acronyms you like to use a lot, tell the spell checker to learn it so it won't flag the words in the future. Alternatively, tell it to Ignore All. If you set your web browser to suppress pop-ups, be sure to set the browser's preferences to allow the spellchecker to pop-up. You can also visually spell check the blog entry yourself by clicking on the Preview link to see it as it's published. Sometimes just looking at the same thing from a different angle can reveal some egregious mistakes. As Yoda may have said, "Use the spell checker, Luke!"

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