30 September 2006

Electronics Recycling

It's a good day to be a recycler. I dropped off a few things at the Electronics Rcycling event for Brooklyn, Fall 2006. The location, just inside the southwest entrance of Prospect Park, was not as good as the last time I participated at such event. At that time, it was some dump in the middle of nowhere, which translated to plenty of maneuver room for the cars that came for the drop-off. I suppose they have to alternate the sites to give people without cars a chance to lug their old computers, on foot, to the site. Luckily, there were a few policemen directing traffic so it wasn't so bad. I got there early, around 8:15am, so the line of cars waiting to get into the park wasn't so bad. I imagine the line would be longer later in the day.

I dropped off two printers, a monitor, a flatbed scanner, a Syquest external drive, a keyboard, and two empty CPU cases (already cannibalized either by their last owners or by passerbys. Oh, I forgot yet another CPU and a TV that I picked up off the street on my way to the event. Altogether, none of the stuff were mine - they were all rescued off the street in my neighborhood at one time or another. Well, the Syquest drive was given to me by a friend but I never made use of it. In today's GB hard drive as standard, a 100+ MB external drive is pretty much useless. Did I mention that the Syquest drive was SCSI? It may be a good piece in a museum somewhere, but I simpy have no room for it, small as it was. Here's hoping all the computer stuff will be put to good use, either as scrap metal or spare parts for other machines, or at least given proper burial somewhere so their harmful chemical won't get into the water supply. I knew there was a limit of five items per vehicle but forged ahead with my 10+ pieces anyway. Luckily, the volunteers/staff for the event gladly took everything off my car without questioning.

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