12 September 2006

The First Mile

I made it. Turned in for the night yesterday at 11:11 pm or so and actually got up at 6 this morning when the cell phone alarm clock kicked off. I stretched and warmed up at home then walked to the park. I made four laps around the park. I used to run on the track of a nearby high school, but the field has long been closed to the public. Insurance restriction or maybe someone just abused the privilege and ruined it for everyone. One lap on the track equals a quarter of a mile, but I am pretty sure around the park is longer than one lap on the track. I should get one of those gadgets to measure distance. As someone with an Engineering education, I should know better how importance it is to quantify. Speaking of which, just last night I checked my weigh and whoa! it was 210 pounds. Where did that extra ten pounds come from?

Here's a Blogger tip which hopefully I myself won't need to use in a while. I am better at staying up late than getting up early, so lots of time I update my blog around midnight. I want to keep the blog like a diary, with daily entries that talk about that day. However, if I publish the blog entry at 12:01 a.m. or later, the date stamp would show the day after's date. The tip is to use Save as Draft as soon as you start writing. Say, I sit down at 11:50 p.m. Once I have a title, I click Save as Draft and my blog entry has the date stamp of that day, not the next day's, mere minutes away. Then I would go back and edit the entry to my heart's content. Of course, going with my new resolution, I shouldn't need to use this tip as I should be sound sleeping before 12 midnight.

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