15 September 2006

Life Without Power Steering

It didn't rain at 6am so I had my 2K run - third time is a charm. Good thing I went ahead with it at 6 even though the streets were wet and the sky was dark. I was tempted to put it off to later in the day, since I am off on Fridays. But then it rained hard around 8 and I didn't have much time for myself for the rest of the day anyway. Consistency is an important element in a training program.

My minivan was in the shop today because the transmission belt was broken. I was in a PathMark's when steering became a major effort. I was able to make it home, straining at the steering wheel every time I made a 90-degree turn. Fixing it cost me $260. It's probably time to get a new vehicle. The minivan is a 1994 Plymouth Voyager and I'm the second owner, but it has gone through many changes of parts already. One time it was the water pump - my sister-in-law noticed the engine temperature rising really quick on the dashboard indicator. A few years ago, every summer, when the air conditioner was needed, I would have to get Freon re-added. At the car shop I frequent they couldn't find the leak, and the A/C would work for a while then by the next summer, it was another $100 or so to pump in more juice. At another shop, they took apart panels front and back, left and right, and finally got the A/C to work right, for I think $1,000. Then there's that incident a few Halloweens ago - some jerk who needed coins smashed both middle windows. He probably smashed one to get in, found too few coins so he smashed the other one to vent his anger. I know the transmission belt was replaced some time ago but not when. The manager at my favorite car shop said it was a year and a half ago.

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