22 September 2006

Musical Prodigy?

Musical prodigy, or not? Today J had his first music lesson. Naturally, the instrument of choice was the Chinese zither, or gu-zheng in Chinese, or simply zheng for short. It's Mommy's favorite instrument so she wants him to follow in her footstep. For a first day, he did OK. He got to put on the nails, sort like picks for guitars. They look like claws so J made this menacing pose. At the end of the 30+ minute session, he said he couldn't wait to go home to practice. Let's see how long his newfounded musical enthusiasm will last. Personally, I can't bear the thought of trekking to Chinatown every Friday for J's music lesson. I pick him up from school at 2:30 and his music class is scheduled for 4, so I only have a 1.5-hour window of operation. It won't be just J, but his cousin Ja will also be regularly going with me to Chinatown. It's impossible to find a parking spot in Chinatown at 4 in the day, so I will have to take the subway. Also at that time one would find lots of high school students on the train. They are such eyesores, what with their baggy clothes, their loudness, horsing around, etc. Maybe I'm overreacting and that the kids, both of them, will soon lose interest and simply refuse to go to music class. Or maybe they will go on to become famous musician years from now and today I just witnessed their humble beginning without realizing it.

On a side note, this morning I ran the 2K in a counter-clockwise path. I like to conform to standards. That's how it's done on the tracks and how most people I came across at the park move. It probably makes no difference really, as at that time there are very few people out walking or running, so it's not like if I keep up my clockwise path I would bump into others. Regardless, 2K CCW it will be from today on.

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